7 speed dsg mechatronic oil capacity

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7 speed dsg mechatronic oil capacity

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Common Faults in the 7-Speed DSG Automatic Transmission

Cookies Snack. Hi, Perhaps someone can help. My dsg oil is due for a change. I quite a proficient DIY mechanic so would be confident doing this myself however i dont have VCDS which from watching some videos on youtube is required.

Myy understanding is that the rough procedure is as follows: - Remove battery etx to gain access to filter -Remove filter housing and old filter and replace new unit - Remove dsg sump plug.

After watching this being done on mine and the fact you need VCDS for the levels and the temps, no way in hell I'd ever rish doing mine myself, also looks like you need some method of getting the oil up and in, best of luck though.

I have done mine on my drive way at both set intervals 40kk after speaking to my friend who is a master audi tech he does advise that you should really get it done buy the ppl that know if your not sure. G"MANSep 17, Only need VCDS to keep an eye on oil temp. Oh and do not be fooled by parts person in buying more than 5 litres of oil.

G"MAN's method seems sound. This is what oil looked like after only 28k miles. I made up my own rig, but you can buy one an enema kit. Do not laugh, it's works a treat to. Buy a spare DSG plug, drill hole and epoxy into the barbed pipe fitting. Home made rig. Use this for a more off the shelve method. Last edited: Sep 17, MrLapouSep 17, I had a good laugh at the enema kit!

I've changed my fluid three times now, mostly by the book. One thing I've found is that you can change the filter without removing the battery. Then just snake the filter out towards the rear of the engine bay- it's a tight squeeze, but doable. I would not recommend skipping the Vag-com The reason why they use 6L of oil is because it expands when it gets hot.They can implement complex shift operations in a fraction of a second.

They consist of a control device and control valve assembly together with individual sensors and actuators. If a shift is to be performed, the control device communicates the gearbox data to the vehicle electronics network. Conversely, information is transmitted via this interface from the vehicle and motor to the gearbox computer. The mechatronics module is an autonomous unit with its own oil circulation system. The advantages are obvious:.

Are there users who have had issues with this part? I have a new Skoda Superb 1. The authorized service centre has been holding the car now for 10 days and have still been unable to sort it out. Is this normal? I have the same problem, did you get the part? Dealer is changing my DSG7 complete gearbox because violent downshifts into 2nd gear, and noisy rattle on gear shifts specially from 2nd to 3rd. Abdelwahab Saleh I had exactly the same problem for about 1 year in my jettauntil I faced a total failure in the gearbox, dealer is saying it is a mechatronic part that should be replaced.

Just bought a new 1. The dealer did not deal with the problem as soon as i report it. I had to contact the dealer service supervisor to know that they were changing all clash system of all CC model they sold. He even told how nobody contacted me yet thought they did so with many customers. Any wayi m waiting for their intervention next week and hope the best.

The car is really comfortable but that clush problem turned my pleasure to a bitter experience. There is a problem with the Mechatronic Control Unit. Gear indecator is Flashing. Any Advice?!!! Hi all is there a repair company or remanufacturer of the Mechatronic control?

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Mechatronic part failed in my Jetta bought from Egypt. Anyone knows how much does it cost? I own a Volkswagen Touran model Automatic gearbox 7 speedsDSG type, there I have a problem in that the P non fixed and I can not move the gear and start the car, knowing that at the same time appeared I have light in the panel meter blocker slip is brake synchronous and light green in the dashboard.

The Mechatronics of the Volkswagen Dual-Clutch Transmission

At first I waited minutes until fixed P and light green light pressure on the brake and after half an hour or an hour and four days ago I could not run the car until long time. Car were examined by computer and most seen by his inability to said access to the panel of gearbox and if it does not exist knowing if the car worked any computer error.

But no one takes it upon himself assertively change the panel of gearbox everyone says the possibility of panel and I do not have any agency. The car is very excellent in refills and switch speeds and in the speed or walking, but the problem is in the start.

Amr Al Sherbiny. I had the problem of the mechatronic partnow waiting one month to have the part and each time they tell me the spare parts are late……. Adel, you are a lucky guy. VW has their inability to fix this issue and cheating all of us. I drive a vw Jetta 1.

7 speed dsg mechatronic oil capacity

I have just had the same problem with the megatronic system and awaiting repair. Does anyone know what the actual lifespan of this part is or should be? I own a Volkswagen Touran model Automatic gearbox 7 speedsDSG type Does anyone knows the part umber and can it be fixed or I have to buy new one that cost a lot?.

My sons dsg has gone wrong in his golf 7speed auto…. Any help or advice would be great….I have had various discussions with VW franchise re 7 speed dsg.

7 speed dsg mechatronic oil capacity

From this I am told that my vw Golf Plus 1. Despite the fact that they keep sending me notifications to get my oil changed. Can anyone confirm that this is correct - is it sealed for life??. Why would this be? I receive various answers from different VW sources.

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Who is right? The last from VW Customer services said they will recall my vehicle to have the Metronic oil changed after I asked them about the various media remarks about DSG and they also told me the gearbox drain plug is underneath the unit?! I also note that Honest John in the telgraph had an article about DSG last week that said there is no need to change the oil in the Metronic unit in the uk?

That this information came from VW. Now who knows what VW Customer servcies are up to and where are they getting the information? I also need to understand a term they use at VW that my unit is a dry unit is this just ref the clutch mechanism. This does not mean that the oil does not degrade and or need changing, just that in your case VW does not want the dealer to do so.

Two reasons for this, it means on paper the total service cost for the car will look lower. Gearbox oil is cleaned by a magnets within the gearbox and therefore needs carefully changing, else you can brake the box. The answer to your question is the VW UK as alway does not want to do anything that costs money. The oil can be changed and may well not be that easy as is the way with seal for life gearboxes. It's not the first time ppl have had issue with the gearbox oil and VW have not let on that there is a solution that they should be fix free of charge.

VW will tell nothing needs doing and there is nothing wrong with the car until thet are blue in the face. It's a game the car companys play with us, I guess no one has told them about the internet LOL.

Thank you for your reply. I understand then that the gearbox oil is difficult to change. I was told there is no drain plug "are they correct".Forgot your password?

Just had the oil changed on my 7 Speed DSG. Initially was told it would take 6 litres but turns out was topped off around 4. Secondly is there any easy way for me to check my DSG oil level myself to ensure its at the correct level.

Hear that overfilling is much worse than slighty underfilling. Not sure about the 7 speed. On the 6 speed the total fluid capacity is around 7 litres, however the serviceable volume is only around 4.

Can't get info on the fluid type and quantity until Monday from VW. Service done requested by me by my trusted Audi independent also happens to be a Revo dealer. No idea what Audi recommends as service interval on the DSG but wouldn't trust their recommendation, even less so on a hard driven car and less even more on a hard driven tuned car,such as my one is.

Turns out after 33k in mine the filter was filthy and the oil was in quite a bad state so I'm very glad I did it now as I was contemplating putting it off for another 10k or so. Always better to change too early than too late. Yeah, 80k It's stated at the bottom of the page. What worries me is that the service schedule is for all vw models. Servicing on performance models especially when the performance is used should be adjusted as necessary. I wouldn't leave it beyond 40k - there have been lots of instances on the 6 speed box with issues caused by not following the 40k oil change.

Not worth the risk imho. I'm in agreement, I wouldn't go the full 80k and will most likely do DSG oil changes every k. The rest of what is on the pdf you can throw in the bucket You can post now and register later.

DIY- DSG Oil and filter change

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? April 15,AM. Thank You -Given: 3 -Receive: 52 Posts: However idiots stored it upside down so dsg oil and hydraulic fluid have drained out of the breather caps.

I can refill dsg oil easy but VW say you cannot refill or completely empty mechatronics unit. Some people online say its possible but cant find any how to's.

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Presuming if the mechatronics has drained completely and i totally invert it so its "completely empty" I can refill 1l of hydraulic fluid in through the breather and replace the cap.

Iv fired some messaged to people who repair DSGs but wondering if anyone here can offer any help? Many thanks. Recently back on the forum! Good to be back Current Rides A5 3. Hmmm not sure. Iv got Elsawin manuals thanks. It doesnt detail draining mechatronics as its not part of the remit of vw techs. They are only trained to swap them over for a new one if there is a problem. Says that in the self study VW manuals and Elsawin.

Just a question of how to drain it completely. Whether inverting it and letting gravity do its thing?

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If I bargain about 0. Any excess will make its way out through the breather? Im still being very cautious about this as I know I can screw it up. Won't attempt anything until I have some solid info on how to do it. Yeah that sounds like the way to go about it, but yes would be good to have some solid info on the procedure.

Was on the phone ringing around and transpires that theres a 5mm bolt underneath the mechatronics to drain remaining fluid. I noticed it but wanted to be sure its right one!!John is a fervent writer, gamer, and guitar lover. Former automatic-transmission repairer, current welder and hobbyist game developer. The 7-speed DSG automatic transmission—or DQ—is a transmission that is growing rapidly in popularity. And with that growing popularity comes a growing number of people who may fall victim to some of the faults that can occur with this transmission.

Unfortunately, the faults we have seen so far can be quite pricey to repair. The previous 6-speed direct shift gearbox DSG —the DQ—was a single chamber affair, meaning that all the components within the gearbox shared the same fluid.

This had the disadvantage that contamination from any component within the transmission could impact any other component within the transmission. The DQ made a lot of changes that brought about better efficiency and weight-savings over earlier models. But the two most significant changes were separating the hydraulic system from the rest of the transmission, and moving to a dry dual clutch assembly.

In moving the hydraulic system—the valves and solenoids and other delicate mechanical components that is the control centre of the gearbox—into its own enclosed system, the transmission has a greatly reduced chance of suffering a fault as a result of oil contamination clogging up vital components, since the only contamination that can get into that chamber would come from the components within.

Simultaneously, moving to a dry clutch assembly removed the biggest source of the aforementioned contamination from the transmission fluid altogether. It also made it so you no longer have to open up any of the transmission in order to change replace the clutch assembly. An unavoidable aspect of any clutch system is that it will wear down over time. The new dry clutch assembly in the DSG DQ is much more akin to a regular manual transmission clutch than the previous DQ wet clutch.

The control module for the transmission will attempt to adapt and compensate for clutch wear over time, however it will eventually reach a point where the clutch is simply too worn to function properly. Slipping will often manifest as the the engine revving higher than it should. In extreme cases, it may not be possible drive at all.

The way the dual clutch system works means that one clutch is responsible for odd-numbered gears, the other for even-numbered. For this reason, having issues in all the odd or even numbered gears as opposed to specific gears is a big indicator that you have a clutch problem.

It requires special tools and a certain procedure that, if done incorrectly, will damage the new clutch, and can even damage the transmission itself. Due to the expense of the clutch assembly and the technicalities of fitting it, some manufacturers will only sell these clutches to fitters that have passed a course and are qualified to fit them. This is the separate hydraulic system mentioned above. It is located on the side of the transmission—which is towards the front of the vehicle when fitted—and is a self-contained unit, meaning it can be removed entirely and replaced without having to dismantle any part of it.

The mechatronic can be replaced within the module itself, however this is an involved task and requires manufacturer-specific diagnostic capabilities. If the electronic component fails, unfortunately, it can manifest in a number of ways as it is responsible for all the actions that take place in the transmission during use.

Failsafe will be the most likely outward symptom, but some diagnostic hardware will be required to get any more information as to why. An easier to diagnose fault is a relatively common problem with the pump inside of the hydraulic control unit. This fault will often result in little or no drive, failsafe mode, and quite often the unit will spit hydraulic fluid out of the breather on top.

This fluid is distinctive from regular transmission fluid due to the fact that it is green.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register.

7 speed dsg mechatronic oil capacity

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter MisterB Start date Dec 8, MisterB Ready to race! Location Singapore. An update on the recently announced global recall by VW.

I have an appointment with them tomorrow to get it sorted. As I understand, it is just a simple oil change that will reportedly prolong the lifespan of the DSG 'box. I will post updates once this is done.

Option Passed Driver's Ed. Location Kent. Not heard a thing yet from my UK dealer. Will check. Gerry Ready to race! Location London. Hi Mr B, a gearbox oil change is simple enough so long as no oil leaks from the Metatronic oil reservoir different oil. IMO it actually makes sense that cars from hot climes are first to be rectified.

Let us know how you go. Yea seems like only DSG cars in hot climate tend to have more issues with the juddering. DW58 Go Kart Champion. Location Moray, NE Scotland. I wonder how long it'll be before Volkswagen UK gets its corporate finger out and issues notifications? Location UK. A different DSG fluid was apparently introduced from May in the 7 speed unit.

Supposedly in China they extended the warranty to ten years because of the recall. I thought I smelt chips when I was driving yesterday.

I have done the oil change at the dealership, it was a quick 1 hour job. The car still feels the same, the gears still swap sweetly and rapidly. I asked the service manager about the post May built cars and he said yes, they are likely to be already filled with the mineral oil. This recall is a global thing issued by Volkswagen AG, hence it is not only limited to tropical climates. Hopefully the UK dealers have already started looking into it.


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